Welcome to Herbal  Food Supplements product in Nepal

Multicare International company was established for promoting the world’s natural production of various Food Supplements ,Natural healthy dietary supplements, beauty products, daily usable products, healthy drinking materials etc. and making people independent for their living. Mcare transmits itself for developing of new innovations, quality management and ideology of selling and distribution. An inspiring vision for more hygienic, healthier and ultimately more vital communities is the driving force behind the Mcare. To realise this vision, Mcare looks to consistently innovate and provide accessible hygiene and health products to a wide variety of consumers. It has developed the mutual relationship between human health and nutrition and works under the international standard such as IFOAM, NASSA, GMP and ISO strongly intending to move forward for its objectives. We are offering food supplement. high class iron based on ancient organic technology


Mcare aims to identifies and provide the production of edible nutritious herbs and other natural gifts to make them reachable to the human world and provide them the healthy and happy life. It rigidly works for developing and improving the current human lifestyle.

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